Database Performance Analysis and Management


Business-oriented database performance management breaks down the barriers between business and database, and builds a benchmark for database performance.

  • Lack of continuous full database access analysis tools
  • Passive management, identify problems until customers or application administrators report
  • Problem backtracking depends on reproduction
  • Changes lead to database access problems that cannot be identified in time
  • Unable to integrate with other analysis (application performance analysis)


End-to-end database performance analysis implemented immediately builds the first perception source of database performance.

Support mainstream database types in the industry

Single analysis server supports 36,000TPS

Database access record backtracking analysis

Dedicated all-in-one machine

Zero Impact on DB Data

Visualized, real-time collection and record of DB access, no need to open trace or SQL, no impact on the analyzed DB

Full Records of DB Access

Full records of DB access data, no need to sample, quick view of all database operations, not restricted by authority and traffic

Accurately Calculate SQL Operation Time

Record SQL response time, which refers to the total time taken from the SQL statement request to the response of the last result

Flexible and fast analysis

Based on BPC wire data to rapidly develop framework and easily and flexibly adjust according to customer requirements

End-to-end deployment to realize full-link integrated analysis

Seamless integration with application performance analysis, and integration with other analysis platforms

  •  End-to-end service path shown in the same view
  • Automatic fault locating linked with application
  • Support single transaction tracing
  • Application performance and database performance comparison

Automatically locate and analyze DB performance problems, no need to open trace and run sql script

  • Slowest SQL operation
  • SQL operation failed due to deadlock
  • Most frequently accessed SQL

Multi-dimensional performance metric analysis to discover potential risks and guide performance optimization


  • SQL access frequency
  • SQL total time / average time
  • SQL type distribution
  • Full SQL statement record

Quantified performance comparison to identify the impact of change operations on database performance


  • DB load change before/after the change
  • DB performance difference before/after the change
  • Is there any abnormality in DB after change

A Joint-stock Commercial Bank

“Lack of tools for continuous database analysis, DBCube provides transparency in application operation and maintenance,

which can clearly distinguish between application problems and database problems.”

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