Digital Business Operation Platform

Based on configuration framework, no need code development, operation and maintenance personnel and LOB team can build data applications on demand and implement immediately.


Scenario-based data application construction in closed-loop, no need development experience, immediate implementation

  • “T+1″ is not real-time, output business data the next day for analysis, the hot marketing window has passed
  • Transform application through the development model, with high cost, long period and uncontrollable project
  • Business departments propose requirements, and data centers are difficult to meet quickly

No Need Code Development

Break down technical barriers, heuristic interactive operation, easy to use, release the creativity of IT organizations

Immediate Implementation

Based on wire data and application construction capabilities to shorten period to week level, respond to business requirements agilely, and achieve precise implementation


Construct applications on demand, adapt to demand scenarios, distinguish permissions, and be friendly to users at all levels of O&M and operation.

Integrated Intelligence

Integrated knowledge, experience and creativity of technological personnel in the form of application, which is convenient for analysis and promotes the development of technology and business

Interactive Configuration Operation


No need coding to complete data filtering, calculation processing, organization and presentation.

Drag-and-drop interactive operation to set data content layout


Define the dashboards in the application as needed, and organize the relationships between them.

Built-in computing engine, algorithm continues to evolve


Define data processing logic as needed to meet data processing requirements in various scenarios. The central dashboard provides an overview of the global status. Links, devices, and service paths show the operation status of three important network assets respectively.

Provide application management processes such as packaging, installation, and permission assignment


The applications can be continuously maintained and managed for end users in various departments of enterprise.

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