Network Performance Management

NPM improve security assurance capabilities of business systems and drive digital transformation. Netis was listed on “Honorable Mentions” of “2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for NPMD” report.

Digital Transformation Starts with A Reliable and Secure Network Environment

Network O&M, Higher Requirements

More than ever before, successful digital business initiatives depend on network performance. NPMD solutions provide visibility and diagnostics to ensure enterprise networks can support mission-critical applications, especially with the advent of virtualization, the cloud and the Internet of Things.
—— Gartner NPMD Magic Quadrant report,2019

Network Security, More Stringent Regulatory

Various countries have issued network security laws and regulations. At the national level, network security has become an increasingly important topic of regulatory technology
Network Performance Management

Whole Network Traffic Visualization, Accurate Alert Locating, and Traffic Backtracking Analysis

Continuous operation of 24h in a day, packet loss rate is only one in hundred thousandth

Data granularity is to 100 milliseconds

Enable HTTP decoding function, which can carry 40Gbps traffic

Support real-time data statistics refreshing in 1 second


Reliable data basis for network service quality analysis


Comprehensive Analysis View

Cover important links, key devices, and core business in data center

Accurate Alert Locating

Automatically locate the faulty node without manual troubleshooting

Immediate Implementation

Mature data collection technology, no risk, and quick implementation

Combing network traffic, audit and analyze the network behavior of key services; improve the security assurance capabilities of business system

Quick alert of abnormal access behaviors

Identify abnormal application access behaviors in real time, and promptly alerting.


Perception and analysis of abnormal network behaviors

Through in-depth analysis of network metrics to discover abnormal behaviors, immediately generate alerts to enhance the initiative for security assurance.

Verification and forensic of security incidents

Complete data collection and storage for forensics, and reduce potential network security risks.


Full Raw Network Data Collection

Raw data packets in private cloud/traditional environments, complete and high-performance collection.


Netis NPM is listed on the “Honorable Mentions” of “2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for NPMD” report

Service Path Combing

Whole network data Collection, use the service path discovery function module, and observe the network nodes that application service data passes at all time, to establish an accurate and agile O&M view.

  • Automatically discover well-known applications and private applications in the managed traffic, and quickly improve traffic visualization coverage.
  • Automatically discover the access and dependency relationships of application service components, support snapshot and comparison functions, and quickly discover access relationships during operation, before and after changes.

Intelligent Fault Alert and Diagnosis

Effective alerts are one of the core goals of efficient O&M. The unique patented alert simulation function, based on big data analysis technology, to analyze network traffic. And through the simulation of massive historical data, helps managers quickly define accurate alert thresholds and greatly improves O&M efficiency.

  • Graphical alert record, marking the alarm location and continuous range on the view that triggers the alert;
  • Automatical fault diagnose in service path, distinguish network layer and application layer problems, and locate the root cause;
  • Built-in alert simulation function, through simulation tuning parameters, set effective baselines and alerts.

Central Dashboard

  • The central dashboard provides an overview of the global status. Link view, device view and service path view respectively show the operation status of three important network assets.
  • Layered dashboard to meet the needs of different scenarios.
  • Refresh traffic statistics in real time for traffic analysis, display real-time alert status, and alert correlate to view for in-depth analysis.

In-depth visibility of key links and devices

Use raw network data and high-precision Xflow data to provide in-depth and accurate statistics on traffic, connections, TCP behavior and other metrics for important links and key application delivery devices in enterprise data centers. Keep abreast of the comprehensive range from link load to network service performance information.

  • Analyze the network delay distribution and performance bottlenecks of branch links;
  • Important TCP metrics refreshed in seconds, such as: retransmission, zero window, etc.

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank

“Netis NPM provides us with a way to quickly combing applications. And the combing results can be well applied to daily application analysis. The network data flow is like blood in human body with rich information. Netis NPM is like a blood test tool, which can present the metrics in the “blood”. When the anomaly happens, NPM can quickly analyze the application operation status based on metrics.”

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