Performance Analysis in Cloud Environment

Making the business performance analysis in cloud is as stable and controllable as in the traditional environment.

Netis EPEE Go-cloud Methodology

Practices show that O&M situations of different organizations and service have different go-cloud policies. After deeply understanding the customer’s go-cloud background and phased objectives, Netis technical experts plan the cloud-based business performance analysis solution for customers, make strategic preparations for longer-term O&M and operation management.


Current Situation Estimate and Analysis

– Business architecture combing
– Capacity and performance benchmarks


Target Solution Planning

– Project plan
– Target performance after go-cloud


Project implementation

– Project Implementation
– Performance comparison before and after go-cloud


O&M and operation value exploration

– Continuous operation assurance
– Business data development

O&M Capability Upgrade, Business Go-cloud Assurance

Business system architecture quick combing

Enhanced elastic scaling capability

Real-time business performance analysis

Business data output in milliseconds

Real-time alert and fault locating

Flexible integration of external systems

End-to-end transaction tracing

Widely Support Mainstream Cloud Environment

Customer Benefits

Process of Go-cloud

Before go-cloud

Quickly combing business system architecture and build business performance benchmarks

During go-cloud

Ensure smooth go-cloud of business systems and help achieve business performance objectives

After go-cloud

Provide comprehensive technical support for business operation analysis, fault diagnosis, transaction analysis, and business value output

Business Operation Assurance in Cloud

End-to-end performance visualization in hybrid cloud

Build end-to-end business performance visualization capabilities across traditional and private cloud environments

Fast fault detection and locating

Quick fault detection and locating in hybrid cloud environment

Business value output

Obtain business data on demand and output in real time to help further explore data value

Hengfeng Bank

Platform and Automation Center

“During the business go-cloud project of Hengfeng Bank, Netis’s BPC business performance management product has made great efforts to solve various scenarios and analysis problems in IT O&M.” During the overall go-cloud, Netis’s technical personnel assisted Hengfeng Bank in carefully combing each data object and technical metrics, ensuring the analysis of the entire business. Their professional ability and responsible attitude left a deep impression on the colleagues in data center. Furthermore, Netis brings the go-cloud project a lot of innovations.”

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