Insurance Business Performance Analysis

 Refined business performance analysis helps insurers digital transformation!

Digital transformation of insurers, starting with real-time mastering of core business performance

Mature Data Collection Technology

No need transformation for applications, and immediate implementation, no risk on operation system; Support hybrid IT architectures for traditional, virtual and cloud environments.

End-to-end Coverage

Based on bypass mode, end-to-end performance analysis and transaction tracing for all businesses and links.

Multidimensional Metric Statistics

Second-level refresh and multidimensional metric statistics display the performance status of core business systems in real time.

Accurate Alert and Intelligent Fault Locating

The intelligent fault locating algorithm accurately reports alerts and locates faulty nodes which realizes effective troubleshooting.

Typical Application Scenarios

Refined business operation analysis

Performance trend analysis

Multi-dimensional drilldown analysis

Service path view

End-to-end business analysis

Refined Business Performance Management Helps Insurers Digital Transformation

Improve Agility

Comprehensively cover network and business application service path analysis, ensure key business and improve business O&M agility; Accurate alerts to ensure secure and stable business operation, adapt to business agility changes.

In-depth Understanding of Business Metrics

Refined management of network/business application service quality and real-time display of business operation status of network/service application, provide objective and accurate data decision-making basis.

Reduce O&M Pressure and Improve Efficiency

Improve the dynamic analysis capability of business performance and detect faults in time. Automatic fault locating, analysis, and diagnosis reduce IT operation costs and improve O&M efficiency.

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