Integrated O&M Solution for Banks


No need application transformation and unified O&M data sources, improve O&M capabilities and promote digital transformation.

O&M Challenges for Banks

The complexity of information system O&M has become more and more challenging with the development of electronic channels and the requirements of financial innovation.

How to quickly recover from business failures

How to allocate system resources reasonably

How to develop the value of O&M big data

Digital Transformation is A Competition for Technological Capabilities

Immediately implemented AIOps solutions, based on business big data, make O&M assurance more efficient

O&M Value

Operation Value

Wire Data is the Core of Immediately Implementing O&M Solutions

Wire data is based on network traffic data. The structured data obtained after processing by Netis flow data engine, which has greater value and can be used directly.

Generally used to express the behavior between huamn and systems, systems and systems, organizations and organizations, it is a kind of complete, real-time, accurate and high-quality data source.

Based on wire-data, build full-link performance analysis system from a business perspective

Full-link end-to-end analysis, no need application transformation, immediate implementation, automatic fault locating, diagnosis and root cause analysis.

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